Personal Training

An excellent option for someone who prefer the privacy of a 1-on-1 relationship with a coach as their method of training. Your qualified personal trainer will ensure your training is accustomed to your individual goals and needs!

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Weight Loss Routines




Lean Muscle Building


 Nutritional Guidance



"solutions for any goal"

"If you wanna get stronger, faster, lose weight, whatever it is, this is the place to train. Highly recommend LockFit training to any age! No complaints, only results."

"Gives me the extra push i need"

"He pushes you to do more than what you came in that day doing whether its 10 more push ups or adding more weight to work outs. He is there for you as long as you are willing to put in the effort."

"made eating healthy super easy"

"The biggest aspect of the coaching for me was the nutrition. It's not something that I've always been the best at, but Marquis changed that!  I really liked having variety in my diet as opposed to the same things everyday. Also, he finds some pretty good recipes to satisfy your cravings."

"I was more than ready for college sports"

"Marquis helped me improve not only visually, but physically as well. He helped me prepare for college football by losing weight, and also building more muscle. I'm also a lot quicker on my feet as well and felt a lot more athletic during my next season."


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We offer a money back guarantee to all of our customers if the requirements are properly met! Please contact if you have any questions on our policy.